A highly anticipated age, what a beautiful transition.

You think you’ll feel the change from teenager to adult but there’s no special feeling. You feel the same as you did twenty four hours before.

It’s a magical age alright, you don’t notice how time is getting away from you but you’re in the moment. Free to flash your real ID card and stare at the bouncer waiting for him to attempt to question you as if it’s a fake ID “No hunny, it’s me in my 21 year old glory”. If you’re like me you’ll jokingly pull up to the spot and slap your ID on your forehead for a quick giggle.

To you all creeping up on 21 understand that time does not wait on you to figure it out. Dream big and never let your age stop you from advancing far, partying will always be there and trust the party needs you more than you need it. Focus on your goals and set your self up long term and celebrate than.

Word of advice, don’t end up like me hanging out my grandmothers car on my way to my 21st birthday party, puking the Hennessy I just took to the head after a long day at work with little to no food in my stomach. I refused a drink at my party but that did not stop the fun! Oh how this story gets funnier with age. Just remember 21 is an interesting age with it comes a different kind of power and responsibility; stay ready so you don’t have to adjust when adulthood hit you.

A highly anticipated age, what a beautiful transition.

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