We’re more than a brand, we’re a MOVEMENT. Bringing creativity to a neighborhood near you with our new program “#TheDRAPExperience“.

#TheDRAPExperience is one that will stick with, shape and sharpen your future. We will dissect your DREAMS, REACH for the material needed, ACHIEVE what we’ve worked hard for and PROSPER as we grow. Offering school / program partnerships, pain navigation coaching, fatherless / motherless advice, motivational guidance, goal management, billionaire mindset training and mentoring services.

All individual mentorship inquires, schedule free consultation: https://calendly.com/thedrapexperience/consult

All school / organization partnership inquires email: Drapsocial@gmail.com

School / Program Partnership Details

Our idea of turning pain into gain is what sets us apart from any other. Getting to know ones struggle can help unleash their triumph, no issue intangible. Using creative arts mixed with environmental studies we will bring out the best in your students. From academics to career goals to hobbies we aim to unlock each students self-confidence; in order to succeed you must believe in yourself first and this is our mission with your students.

Once being in their position we work to listen, understand and analyze each individuals back story to uniquely shape their lessons with a common core of creativity. Free expression is a gateway to self-confidence and with both we can help shape the future, the children of our communities, your students.

Lesson Plans Topics
  • What is DRAP?
  • Violence
  • The company you keep
  • Environmental influence / change
  • Dreams v. Goals
  • Goals and aspirations
  • Goal management
  • Importance of School and Self-Education
  • Research and its importance
  • Extracurricular Activities
    • & More
Students will be able to identify good vs. bad environmental influences / changes, the difference and importance of dreams and goals, their goals and aspirations. They will know how to channel anger, disappointment and the loss of a loved one along with finding the positive in any situation. 
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Dashana M. Robinson-Vailes