DRÁP stand for Dream, Reach, Achieve, Prosper. Dashana M. Robinson-Vailes created the organization in memory of her father who was murdered in 1994. Her mission is to encourage the youth to stay focused and excel through hardship, like losing a loved one to gun violence. Dashana aims to reach the hearts and minds of millions with her inspiring words and unique #DRAPChallenges. The objective is to bring brothers and sisters together, serving as an extra push one needs on their road to success with her pain navigation coaching.

Dasean ‘DRÁP’ Robinson was killed April 10th 1994, before Dashana was born. Growing up fatherless is heart breaking, confusing and hard for anyone. Struggling with anger and the emptiness of missing the love of her father, taught her many lessons. Realizing the large number of parentless children, due to violence, lead her to turn her negative into a positive with DRÁP Social services and mentorship.

Founder, Dashana M. Robinson-Vailes.

Working to bring a motivational program to schools and recreation centers in urban communities world-wide. Determined to steer children in the right direction with unique interactive lesson plans as well as giving them strategies and techniques to cope with the loss of a loved one. Dashana fights to understand the pain others are experiencing, analyze their goals in life and work closely with others to create a pain navigation plan specific to each individual. Using creative arts as a focal point, intertwined with their aspirations to curate a master plan to ignite growth from within.

The main focus is to inspire, motivate and empower our younger brothers and sisters from real life experiences. Pain navigation is not an easy task, it is an ongoing journey towards a more positive mental attitude. The DRAP Experience is one that will assist ones personal growth journey, the answers are already within us, it’s a matter of navigating through ones baggage to find the right piece to each puzzle. Are you ready to take charge and reconstruct your life?