Welcome to our Podcast “DRAP Social: Within Without” join us as we unpack pain and begin to navigate it. Available on Spotify We dig into our blog post, expanding upon the issues and work to spread awareness.

Season 1 consists of 7 episodes focused on self discovery, unwanted baggage, pain and how to navigate it all. Dashana, Pain Navigation Coach, digs deep into the topics expressing her perspective, sharing real life examples and giving raw advice to help you better understand how to navigate through pain and finding your true self to personally develop.

As the community continues to grow we will expand our podcast topics. Season 1 is focused on unpacking, for Season 2 we will bring forth special guest to help with packaging back up. Stripping yourself of that which was place onto you is a process and as we navigate through each season we will deliver raw, uncut and the hard topics people don’t want to unpack. The goal is to face life’s stress head on to come out on top.

Get a taste of whats brewing for the future of our podcast below. As long as you allow the guidance to work for you in which ever way you see fit, we promise you will be able to navigate pain gracefully. Be sure to follow our podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast!

Discovering Self DRAP Social: Within Without

Closing out Season 1 unpacking Self Discovery, I want to thank you all for staying the course, I hope this season helped you set the foundation to navigating your pain. This episode is also available as a blog post: https://drapsocial.com/2022/03/18/discovering-self/
  1. Discovering Self
  2. The Scope of Perspective
  3. Directed Projection
  4. Inner Pieces to the Puzzle
  5. Recipe for Abundance

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