Let’s evolve and embrace love,

Let go of being the victim, be victorious,

Let’s sprint to opportunity, open the door to love.

Let Love in, learn to live in this cruel world,

Let’s rid of everything that’s stopping us from Loving, us, others and the skin we’re in.

EVOL on tails, flip the coin again, heads it is, now let’s LOVE!

Let me Break that Down:

In this cruel world we must find time to love

We are victims of our ancestor’s enslavement, they learned to love through the hard times

One time for black history month, we cannot let them win,

We must not let them see us hurt, we must not let them steal our joy, we must not let the evil take over

We MUST focus up, we MUST level up, we MUST get up and use our 24hours effectively,

Prove to They that WE WILL kill them with our Loving spirits, we WILL prevail with a huge smile on our faces, singing our song, heads held high, tapping our feet to the beat of LOVE.

Through LOVE, let’s watch them HURT !


Dashana M. Robinson-Vailes

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