I say that to say this, the passion, wisdom, strength and desire I possess is equivalent to BILLIONS.

Hear me out, I have a ton of ideas majority fully fleshed out, just lacking the connections and right timing, all of which can be translated to change and riches.

I’m a nurturer, loving, caring and passionate about mine. If I can dream it, I can reach for it, once I’ve reached it, I can achieve it and all my hard work will bring about prosperity.

My mind is clear, im cleansing my soul and I’m on a different frequency than I once was, understand the billionaire in me now?

I got a Spartan mentality in this new age, money makes the world go round, but possessing the desire to fulfill a dream of motivating billions of people is priceless.

I’m A Walking BILLIONAIRE, yeah I said it!

Dashana M. Robinson-Vailes

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