Deep in rem sleep but your presence woke me, oh what a Dream.

From fire crackers ringing throughout the night to thunder vibrating through the wee hours of the morning.

I know I made you a promise, it’s been challenging though. Your princess identifies as the black sheep, what am I to do?

Holding your hand, warm and smooth to holding it stiff and cool. It’s hard on all of us but what am I to do?

You had a camera in hand snapping away, capturing the moment which is faded like a wet love letter, now all my focus on your smile letting me know you’re at peace now.

I know the message is to my interpretation and I am WOKE. You told me take up Journalism and I did just that, when the time is right I will head for that masters just like I promised.

That’s not the only promise I made and the second one is much larger than the first. I am still a work in progress, I am still learning to cope but I know I am the vessel and I will pass this strength down to my mini me, just as I promised.

I’ve already failed but I’ll make it up to you. I will keep my word, in life after death. I promise to bring the girls together at any cost. It’s family over everything and you’ve showed us what FAMILY meant.

I never thought I’d have to share the pain of being fatherless with my mini me, now I can only imagine the pains of being Parentless identifying as the black sheep. I made you a promise on January 13th 2016 the day you took your last breath, to make sure I protect your baby girl and I will do just that.

Although there are some things she’ll have to learn on her own through trial and error, I will make sure she is good. I’m setting up the foundation just as you did so I can provide for, protect and love unconditionally.

Losing you was sudden but you fought as long as you could. The presence of your girls United minus one must have been all the closure you needed. Now you’re off to reunite with your soulmate up in heaven, Kiss Auntie for us Uncle Ronald, I got ya Baby Girl!

Deep in rem sleep but your presence woke me, oh what a DREAM.

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