Problematic Trauma Sedates Desire

All we see that triggers anger and pain blurs our desires to lead a positive life. Our desire to prevail over our environmental influence and change.

Lets fix that, using our pain to bring about change. We can’t let our traumas overpower our lives.

Some of our trauma comes from absence, at least that’s the root of my mine. I vowed to my father that I’d bring about change, starting with myself. What ever pain I feel, when sadness takes over my body even when I feel that emptiness, I will stand firm and find the light in my situation.

Though absence my father ain’t raise no chump, all the trauma I feel from his murder is what fuels everything within, so it’s up to me to pick positivity over the underlining anger.

Post traumatic stress disorder, there’s no disorder only mismanaged emotions. Understand that you have the power to overcome every traumatically stressful encounter. Once mastered you’ll effectively handle your emotions that these problematic traumas are attempting to sedate your desires.

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