Digging in my bag of tricks, searching for something substantial.

Avoiding anything last year that didn’t contribute to my success.

I want more, I can offer more, I embody more, so more you’ll get.

In deep thought, right before the gates of meditation, I find useful memories:

I loved to write, create, crack cases, have debates, dance, cook, bake, save others and work towards my dreams.

Where did I lose that drive?, I ask myself. Right when I decided to care what anyone had to say, when I put too much thought into how I would be perceived; enough is enough though. I am me and I know there will always be people who don’t agree with my views or ways of expression, that never stopped me as a child.

My younger self was unapologetically vocal, outspoken, driven and carefree. How can I let my younger self out do my adult being?

I’m taking my strength back, speeding past those negative thoughts straight into the strong, genuinely put together Dashana V.

Digging in my bag of tricks, searching for something substantial; I found myself Crowned waiting for my time to shine.

We 6 days in and there’s nothing that can shift my focus. Let me fix my Crown so I can give you’ll the greatest version on ME!

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