Eyes closed as I take deep breaths the picture becomes clearer. I free my mind of any disturbance picturing myself walking along a pathway filled with flowers and outstanding aromas.

Steady breathing, taking in the atmosphere I am becoming one with my surroundings. The sounds of nature calm my spirit as the perfect temperature of mist hydrates my body. Now my mind, body and soul become one as I get closer to my destination. Along the way I encounter a stream, so clear glistening blue, I look at myself and what do I see?

I see a bronze goddess staring back at me. Crown sitting right, through her eyes I can see my future, its looking bright. I close my eyes and let her lead us to the divine gateway where all my dreams come to fruition, where I blossom, layer beyond layer I reveal something new, something powerful and something true.

I go to her for guidance, she is my savior wrapped up in greatness. I take it all in with an extended deep breath, one last look around before I head back, back to reality to show the world what I discovered. “Prepare yourself for the rebirth of a passionate very vocal Goddess who’s ready to conquer it all” I repeat to myself as I reach the stream again, this time fixing my crown and understanding what I hold within.

Deep breath in, exhale out, open my eyes and I am filled with confidence, to accomplish all things curated for me. Now lets go sis time to get back to business.

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