Lord knows my research has just begun but this all was a wake up call.

Remember yesterday I was feeling lost, by dust I felt rebirth. A rebirth of a fearless young girl I once was. I’ve been working long days not being able to sleep good at night, my spirit isn’t right. I know I must dig deep within to get it all aligned but life as we know it continues to throw curve balls my way. In the mist of those curve balls I embrace the signs set from a higher power, little by little it all begins to make sense.

In bed my minds racing I go to Instagram to distract myself, only to awaken the beast within. Scrolling up my news feed, I come across a post on @theShadeRoom that Yo Gotti and Roc Nation are filing a law suite against a Mississippi prison in Parchman. The headline alone hit hard, how are these prisoners living in inhumane conditions, how could this be. The horrors of Emmett Till in Mississippi back in 1955 should be enough for one state. It all clicks to me…

I once was passionate about speaking up about all struggles inner city minorities deal with. I put my heart into being a voice for police brutality and bullying, if you were in high school with me you know I was that classmate that took these issues to heart. In a Dear Women Like Me brunch this past Sunday a few things stuck with me, but the energy shift I felt after hearing the amazing women talk shifted my gears. As they were stuck in a point of confusion, things are becoming clear now.

After reading a few articles and looking at pictures on the Parchman, Mississippi prison riots I remember what kind of BOSS I am. This has always been my drive, trying to tone it down a bit and back away from the angers of these situations doesn’t sit well with my soul and I’m here on day 15 to let you all know, I am reborn and I am ready to fulfill the big shoes I was born into.

Dashana Monae Robinson-Vailes is a G.O.A.T in the making and I am perfecting this Billionaire mindset to the T. Expect nothing but greatness coming from me.

Lord knows my research has just begun but this all was a wake up call.

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