Today I shout up to the heavens above to wish “The Glue” of my family a happy Birthday. My Auntie Lavonne, the most magnetic being one could ever meet. Family always came first and she knew how to juggle her business and motherly duties.

I remember morning when I would spend the night, she would be up early playing music, cleaning and handling business all at once. I admired it so much that I would always ask to help. When it came to holidays, she made sure everyone felt loved and it was a family vibe. The card games was the best, playing in the room or hallway with all of my cousins while our parents played pitty pat for money. The memories that flood my mind bring me so much joy. We miss you here on earth auntie, your presence is the spark missing in the family these days.

You left behind three beautiful Princesses who are blossoming into amazing Queens. Although they can’t see you ever again, please send them signs that you are with them daily, give them strength and watch over your babies as the battle of losing a parent is a rocky one. We all celebrate your life today, you are THE GLUE to this family and we miss you dearly.

I can write a book about how amazing you are and the stamp you left on earth. Everyone who had the chance to know you can vouch for this, you are one of a kind with an energy unmatched. It is up to us to remember your values and ethics and apply it to our lives because you had the formula Auntie and it is to be carried on.

The Glue, the GOAT, Lavonne Vailes-Day, one of the greatest to have been placed on planet Earth.

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