The universe is going through some things I can feel it. Things are shaking up and not for the better. I know soon there will be a wild turn of events but we’re only in February. Day 50 was one hell of a day.

I’m not ready to unpack it all because it’s still processing. Remember those twisted emotions I was feeling behind the devils work? Well he turned it up a few notches and it’s taking everything in me not to budge. Can you believe today was my early day at work, every other Wednesday and today had to take an interesting twist?!

I’m just ready to overcome this weird universal glitch so I can be free of all distractions and flourish. The tangled thoughts of the purpose behind it all has me stuck in this slump of resistance, to the temptations of negativity of course. We’re only in February, Day 50 was one hell of a day.

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