Today I’m off from my day job, I’m working on DRAP Social 24/7 though. Putting my phone on do not disturb.

I haven’t been myself lately, feeling uneasy, brain cluttered, I need a break. Although I want to go out and celebrate a friends birthday, getting back to myself is more important. I’m locking in until I can’t take it anymore, there are goals to be met and I intend on meeting them all. It’s just hard to find the time between my day job, family and rest; those are all excuses though, I don’t cut myself any slack because just as I can sit around and watch hours of Ridiculousness or stay up late to catch Tyler Perry’s Sisters, I can get my work done too. I’m shutting out the world this weekend and I’m getting down to business, the goals are not going to fall into my lap, I gotta work hard to go get it, starting with a relaxing weekend in my cozy room, full of course material, reading, studying and executing plans.

Phone going on do not disturb in 3… 2… 1…

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