Your Nana love you dearly.

There’s not a Dream I embark on without you on my mind. If I can just make it a bit simpler for you, I’ll feel accomplished. No stress of work just a life of passion for you, whatever you want to do you’ll have the freedom to do.

Your Nana is big on creativity, be free, be you and be fierce doing it. Never let a teacher, classmate or stranger talk you out of doing what’s therapeutic for you. Listen to those who cheer you on, big you up and give sound advice.

I have a bunch of things up my sleeve to assure you’ll live the life I wish to help provide for you. All my princesses will be represented in a shiny way, to show you all anything is tangible and give you something to boost your confidence. Come summer my words will become actions and I cannot wait for the day I’m able to take you all out the country to explore life beyond the states.


Your Nana, Auntie, God mommy.

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