I now understand why my life aligned the way it did. I had to move personal mountains to gain this Billionaire mindset. I had to self reflect regularly to remind myself I am human and I will always grow through a situation. I had to want freedom as bad as my ancestors wanted to be FREE.

For them I am on this journey to financial freedom, retiring my mother and changing the dynamic of my family. It’s always been my desire to put my family on my back, with this will blossom so many of my ideas into impact and I can see it now.

Acres of land with family homes, green grass, recreation centers and an abundant of positive energy. I feel the joy of gracing a stage to spread the word of faith, becoming one with and leading with love.

I feel the tears of overwhelming happiness run down my cheeks as I give my speech on how I stayed down for months to get to this point in life. Expressing my journey full of lessons and transformation. Working overtime on my own dime to become aligned, with the life I desire.

There’s something in art that gravitates towards me but there is a beating hunger for self education. One who studies as well as reflects is one who knows the depths of how to create habits and retain what’s in front of them. To than create from the knowledge and serve their purpose, here on earth.

As I come to the end of this reflection, remember it’s bigger than you, nothing is off limits and you are the chosen one.

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