The focus should always be NOW while the desire is FOREVER. Understanding that the past can’t be changed but the NOW will soon become the past and that is what dictates where you’ll be in the future, FOREVER.

27 years alive on earth have been bitter sweet but NOW I understand that there is nothing I can do to bring my father back, he will never physically be present in my NOW but he’ll live as long as I have FOREVER. Keeping his legacy alive requires focus on my day to day to bring forth the desired future.

When you shift your perspective on how you view life and place all of your energy on the NOW you’ll reap increased benefits. No matter if the NOW isn’t fitting to your taste, you’re the chef so season it up some more and excite your taste buds. Where your energy goes your focus grows so it’s really on you to dodge all things that don’t suit that FOREVER desire and not be hard on yourself when you do just make the adjustments to excite those taste buds again and turn your NOW up a notch.

Put your focus on all things required to get closer to that desired future. There will always be distractions, there will always be pull backs but it’s how you interpret those events that’ll determine if you’ll be stuck in the past or push beyond them to dominate the NOW to fit your FOREVER.

The focus should always be NOW while the desire is FOREVER. What is your NOW AND FOREVER?

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