He, she, them, we, all experience drainage.

Leaning on others to hold us up requires batteries to drain, in the host of others while fueling that of our.

Vise versa, plugged in for the right reasons while theirs may be tricky, sucking the energy out of what we may not even notice blinking.

How do you manage, how to set boundaries? You have to be aware of the facts; drainage being a thing while conscious of what percent you’re willing to give.

Lean on me here, lean on me not. Drainage is the cause of a lot of our plot. The one that switches from energized to hypothesized because we sit guessing the cause of this climax of exhaustion.

Check yourself regularly, you don’t always have to be the hero. Who’s going to fill your cup if many are sipping uncontrollably? Drainage is real and can sicken the soul if left unmanaged.

He, she, them, we, all experience drainage.

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