Why not?! 

As a young Black lady i’ve decided to go ahead and chop it all off. No i’m not interested in following trends, unless in fact it draws my attention. I am more interested in learning how to take good care of my natural hair.

If you know me you know I want a daughter, when I decide to have children. With a daughter comes a lot of responsibility, their hair being one of them. How can I take care of a little girls hair if I struggle with taking care of my own? That question is what WOKE me up, I said to hell with my damaged relaxed short hair, I chopped it all off August 13th 2017 at 5:00pm to be exact. I’d rather short natural healthy hair over my damaged short relaxed hair any day.

After days of research and social media scrolling, I obtained enough knowledge to feel comfortable stepping into the bright side as a Natural Sister. Discovering the different types of hair textures, processes and styling routines pushed me more towards this natural lifestyle.

The comfort and support from my friends, family and boyfriend pushed me to take the big step. Although a little frightened of how I would look and adjust to the new journey, my boyfriend was very supportive assuring me that he’d love me no matter my hair style and encouraging me to start taking good care of my hair. After hearing me talk about going natural for weeks, showing pictures and videos my loved ones finally are as excited as I am about my Big Chop.

With support, research and the urge to try something different, no one or nothing can stop you from being HAPPY in your own skin! Team TWA!

Big shout out to Natural Sisters Salon on 123rd and 7th ave. Harlem, NY, Be sure to check them out, they do everything from natural hair styles, braids and weaves, oh yea and they make their own hair products be sure to order you some online or stop by while in Harlem !

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