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Listen up White America! (Photo credit: Instagram)

Listen up, you’re filled with greed and you’re filled with hate, but that hate outweighs you’re greed.

Don’t let that go over your head, on a scale this economy you care so much about is drowning because you can’t wash your eyes of hate. Your main focus is to ‘make America great again’ but without those you push towards the waters, there’d be no AMERICA!

You want to use us and spit us out, but really what do you think of that outcome?

You’re programmed to hate rather than survive, you’d rather create disaster than coming together to thrive.

I’ll tell you what, we’re not going nowhere. Not today or tomorrow; you thought your rallies were big but we always come out BIGGER.

This is an announcement from a Young Black Woman, I consider myself a FACTivist and the FACT is, we’re hanging white America by their noose with our Melanin!

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