‘Black is Beautiful… Black is Beautiful Black is me, Black is the color can’t you see, that blue is nice and orange is neat, Black is Beautiful Black is me.’ – A Powerful Poet.

This poem who’s creator I always seem to forget, so brilliant so diligent, it has guided me through life’s stress.

To see the beauty in this poem is to see the beauty within, reciting it over and over again until it sticked, kindergarten me will never forget.

And I didn’t, I couldn’t this poem has been apart of me ever since, I’ve always seen the beauty in Blackness, my Blackness, these selection of words touched the soul of a little Black Princess who’s blossomed into a strong Black Queen.

I’m here to assure I continue this powerful message for all Black beings, young and old, Always Remember Our Black is Beautiful.

Dashana M. Robinson-Vailes

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