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Protect Your Purest Script, Let’s Talk About It,

Don’t ever share your most purest script, because you’re giving the snakes space to create the rest of your movie, when you reveal your finished product there’s no room for the snakes to make something out of your script.

Don’t let that go over your head, Let’s Talk About It,
When you share your ideas that aren’t even fleshed out yet. You’re opening the imagination of your watchers, as it may not be their intent to expand off of your idea, but the sound of your purest script sparks a continuance in them that they seek to fulfill. Now you’ve pushed that script to the side when many other scripts arrive, you forget the distance your script could of went until you see the next kin flaunting it.

On the Real, Let’s Talk About It,
The moment you get on Social Media with your fresh ideas and aspirations, as you’re going at your own pace perfecting your aspirations. BOOM about fifteen other profiles are doing it.

Ain’t That Some Shit, Let’s Talk About It:

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