I play the 4, Power Forward

Guarding my spot with all of me,

Usually great at boxing out, but it’s crunch time now,

Slow motion, he’s coming towards me,

Feet planted, I stand my ground

Knees bent, Arms out

Starring my component in the eyes

Still watching his foot work and handle

Coach in the background, GET ON HIM!

Now im all in his grill, feet still planted

Now he’s nervous and looking around for help


Now im in possession, full speed down the court

I feel him on my heels, still ahead of my opponent

One slip up and we can lose it all,

5 seconds on the shot clock,

Sprinting down the court.

What you do in those next 5 seconds can change your career.

Make the shot and we take chip or panic and lose it all.

Now it’s down to 3, my heart is racing

I stop short and pull up…

I made a decision to take a risk, shoot the shot

I play the 4, Power Forward

We took the Chip !


Dashana Robinson-Vailes

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