Dream Reach Achieve Prosper,

That’s the motto.

Sorry it’s taking so long but it’s coming real soon. It’s actually ready, all thirty poems and DRAP Challenge’s.

Here’s what I want from you:

  • Purchase the Book and follow @DRAPSocial on all social media platforms and subscribe to the YouTube channel. (I will have bundle deals with the print copy and kindle version, I will also be doing giveaways that you don’t want to miss!)
  • Read each poem to understand it than dissect / critique them.
  • Write notes, ideas and anything else that comes to mind. (In the margins of course)
  • Take advantage of each challenge to get the hang of my writing style and better help you apply the message to your real life. (I have some more challenges up my sleeve that you want to be prepared for)
  • Take the book with you, it’s purpose, to serve as your motivation manual so don’t forget it at home.
  • Read at least a poem per day (challenge yourself to get threw it in a week)
  • Refer it to all your friends and their friends and their families, I’m looking to touch the world with this one.
  • Apply these poems to your daily life, remember them, utilize them and become one with them.

And, after you’re done with that, you’re officially a #CrownedPanther. I’ve done a lot of writing, put out a bunch of content and now this is a small selection of MY body of work, in a nutshell.

Book Pre Sale dates are to come in July and the Book Launch / Signing event is in the works, be on the look out for those dates.

Dashana M. Robinson-Vailes

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