Time Is of the Essence, Tonight Can Be Your Last Supper,

Shift your spirit, align your morals, gather your thoughts let the vibration take over.

Life is a wicked thing, you can be gone in a New York Minute, don’t play with your time because tonight can be your last.

Wasted time is equivalent to wasted talent, utilize your expertise’s and gain control of time.

We tend to lose sight of time and before we know it, tonight could be your last supper and you’ve wasted your precious time not living to your full potential. Find your passion, what do you love?

Put all your sauce in a pot and mix it all up, the spices mixed with the herbs make for an outstanding supper but you have to be willing to take your time and perfect your dish, write your recipe down so you’ll never forget how you utilized all your ingredients to create the Perfect Pitch.

Time Is of the Essence, Tonight Can Be Your Last Supper.

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