Uplift all the goats in your circle,

That’s anyone you consider a friend.

You look up to these celebrities and idolize someone’s motivation, how about pushing your friends until they’re the ones idolized.

What’s your purpose?

Uplift all the goats in your circle,

My circle so tight, the vibe is passed along,

I will lift all the goats in my circle until my arms give out, a little support goes a long way, imagine how far continuous support will take someone.

Ima push my friends until ain’t no more push in me left, every last person in my circle THE GOAT and I’ll be there to lift them when need be.





Make sure everyone in your circle reciprocate the lift, an eye for an eye, a friend to a friend, a sister to a sister, lets lift each other and rid those who only want a lift and don’t reach down to lift you in return.

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