Through the pain I feel your stretch from heaven gates touch my heart. Here’s how:

When I’m feeling down, something alerts me, things could be worse. I can no longer sulk in my pain, your touch wakes me to my potential.

They say never question God, my purpose deeper than my pain. In order to reach higher pinnacles I must face emptiness head on, that extended energy creeps up on me recharging my spirit, lifting it and conquering the feelings of sadness.

When I’m struggling to focus, you touch my heart through astrology reminding me that I am closer than I think. That feeling of your presence goes millions of fields long, I promise to storm through each yard with my head held high, ball in hand, side step, twist through all obstacles touching down at the very foot of my faith.

Father, I feel your reach touching my heart, fueling my soul and guiding me every step of the way.

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