I feel you pushing me, telling me “you better not dare fall off the deep end.

Drilling me, yelling “Baby Girl you gotta get prepared, never take your eyes off the prize because even with the slightest glance you can lose track.”

I score and you rush back side stepping directing me down the court, hand gestures and all “hustle, hustle ain’t no time to celebrate.”

“Oh you thought it would be easy, we don’t have no time to waste.”

“The greatest lesson I could ever teach you is that life has no shot clock, there’s no guidance to how much time you have left, you just hustle hard and practice harder to reach those heights that you’ve set, all while fixing your crown of course because you Baby Girl, you’ll always come in first place.”

I can dig deeper but my heart’s at its fastest pace, wondering how could I know in such detail the motivation you would of embraced. Knowing you had to mold your daughter to be the toughest Forward in the Game!

I know because I feel it, you guiding me in life through the heavenly gates, knowing that all the drive I’ll ever need is the idea of your beautiful soul right beside me every step of the way.

One thought on “His Beautiful Soul

  1. Very touching. Made me smile & almost brought tears to my eyes I had to hold them back! My favorite part is “oh you thought it would be easy, we have no time to waste” Beautifully written, super inspiring thank you for sharing! Your father is watching over you ❤

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