Right hand tapping over my left shoulder,

I have to give myself a pat on the back.

Looking back on life I noticed I’m not that angry after all, hurt yes, but anger is a tricky thing.

Black women expression of emotions equals anger in this society, especially fatherless women; angry we are not, well sometimes yes but that fades. With all that we carry, cut us some slack.

I decide to pat myself on the back, all that could’ve went wrong, I made sure went right. Blocking out the stereotypes placed upon us, focused on the ultimate power we must have; given that we rattle a lot of folks boots.

Get you a sister friend, you’ll than learn the love, passion, strength and determination we possess. It’s never all bad, it’s actually more good so when you see a sister,

Right hand tapping over her left shoulder, embrace her and pat her on the back. She may need that boost with all these negatives stigmas placed over her.

Moreover right hand tapping over your left shoulder, pat yourself on the back sis, you got this !

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