What’s the definition? I’ll give you my perception.

Body running on 4 hours of sleep, rolling out of bed, putting a smile on my face, attacking life head on. All while I’ve been tossing and turning through the wee hours of the night sorting out these emotions.

Sitting in class internally mourning my fathers murder anniversary. Doodling roses, marking the date on the sideline of class notes, but these classmates don’t know a thing.

Wanting to give up on the daily tasks I’ve created the night before because again i’m running on 4 hours of sleep.

Why me? Why me? Contemplating the reasons why this burden was placed on me. Still I rise, joy at the forefront but you still see the hurt in my eyes.

I’m drowning in my sorrow but my strength keeps me a float. . .


What’s the definition? That’s just a taste of the strength I walk with.

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