I am humbled by all my experiences. I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. The reason which is your lesson, you are to learn and grow from all experiences, all encounters and all relationships.

I am humbled by all of my accomplishments, even when I’m too hard on myself, I remain humble. I put my boss lady crown on and give praise to the most high for the good and the bad. I understand that tomorrow isn’t promised and I use that to fuel me. I figure, when I die I’ll die a humble death knowing I create a life for myself that I won’t regret. Helping and healing lives is my passion; watching them grow and flourish is the goal.

I am humbled by me car, it’s not flashy nor is it the latest but it get me to where I need to go bruises and all, I remain humble. It’s the thought that counts and my uncle did right. I made promises to him that I will never go back on, he gifted me a car and that’s all the humbling I need to stay ME.

I am humbled that I am growing into this indestructible women who’s not afraid to speak her mind and be the voice for others. I am simply humbled at another day on earth, to showcase my potential while healing myself and others along the way.


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