“I don’t care what you do, take up Journalism” you said. A father figure nonetheless.

Married in but your presence was enlightening. I thank you even in the afterlife for all your contributions to the Vailes family. You loved every last one of us like your own, you took care of all of us like it was your duty.

A man to look up to, you showcased black love, wealth and family traditions. Oh, how I miss the days you’d round us up, pop in a tape and we laugh over our family holiday’s. You captured the moment so we would never forget the good times. Though the memories are lightly faded I remember.

You knew my passion for writing, you seen my talents. You pushed me to continue writing and perfect my craft with journalism. You knew it was a broad field where I could flourish. You didn’t take no or an excuse, you told me I had to and I made sure I minored in it. Although My school didn’t have a journalism major I made due with what I had at my finger tips. I will make you more proud when I bring home that masters and hang it right near your picture, I’ll do it for US.

You are the reason I am a free woman. In the wrong place at the wrong time but you made sure my mother didn’t have to hurt much longer. I owe you honor and I promise to accomplish all you wanted for this family.

Wishing I can pick up the phone and call you to discuss my plans and get your business perspective. Hoping for a dream visit so I can put the piece together and conquer.

On this day we lost you, going out to Luther Vandross “Dance with my father again” surrounded by most of your girls. You felt peace and went to reunite with your queen. As I promised than, I got US and trust my process because this drive I feel today is way more intense than before. Watch over me and see how I blossom.

“I don’t care what you do, take up Journalism” you said. A father figure nonetheless. Uncle Ronald you are missed and your lesson live on.

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