25 days in, I feel the success approaching.

Trickling up my spine, brewing within me, I feel my work coming together. Pushing day after day to open myself up more “you know what it takes, GET IT DONE!” I tell myself. Switching up my routine, setting myself up for success, I want it as bad as I want to breath so every second of the day I’m perfecting my brand, I’m perfecting ME.

I feel it manifesting, I feel the universe working, I feel my dreams becoming reality and I feel it near. Pep talks with myself in the mirror to beat the anxiety, I was made for this no need to be nervous, I got the sauce and I am deserving.

Deserving of reaching my full potential with no distractions, building an empire that births thousands more, celebrating with my sisters along a coastal shore; I deserve it all without a doubt, Im here to show ya, all it takes is for YOU to desire greatness and put the work in. You’ll soon see me at my peek but enjoy this ride with me.

25 days in, I feel success approaching. I’m closer to my goals, stay tuned for a surprise on day 60!

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