Godmother of two.

The feeling is amazing knowing two princesses will be able to look to me when they need some advice. “My Nana” they will say, looking to me for surprises and fun times. Give them what their parents won’t like loud toys and candy when they aren’t looking. Call and congratulate them on their successes, small and large. Cheer them on as loud as I can, in all that they do. Lecture them on how important education is, to embrace knowledge in its fullness. Cry with them when they have a break down but pick them up in the most gracious way. Two beautiful princesses full of melanin joined together by their “Nana” in sisterhood, to you marvelous beings, Godmommy Nana loves you dearly and trust me when I say ill be by your side every step of the way.

Godmommy’s Lee Lee & Jojo, your Nana cannot wait to see you blossom into strong, outspoken, brilliant girls. I work to secure businesses, bags and billions so you two can know what wealth is and to help build a better life for you two. I promise to never fall off track and lead by example, if you ever see me lose it, I’m sure its because I’m passionate, like you will be one day and I will be there to defend your views no matter the cost. Always remember Dream, Reach, Achieve, Prosper; that’s our motto for life and if you ever find yourself lost don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me.

Godmommy of two: Paris’Lee & Jordyn Eve.

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