Who would of thought I’d be a Black Studies major?!

History was never a subject for me because the pains within my race. I can think back to elementary, walking out of the library, blood boiling angered that they would even show us the horrors of concentration camps.

It was than when I knew history was not for me. Fast forward about 10 years I realized history isn’t the issue, it’s the curriculum it’s the one sided point of view that throws me over the edge. Learning the REAL behind Black history taught me this. Knowing the right authors, historians, articles and important figures will give you a deeper insight to our ancestors struggles.

I still cannot bare the disgusting facts of our history but what’s blowing me away is the day and age we live in today. Rather than join forces our history is repeating itself in ways I never thought possible, this the remix.

Praying for better days and protecting my sanity, the news is a trigger so is social media. You have to cleanse your life but stay alert, everyday something new surprises me. I’m sure my grandchildren will look back at my days in their history books of how racism, white supremacy, gentrifications and a delusional president break down what took years for our people to overcome.

Oh, the twisted joys of being a black history major.

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