Once upon a time two young girls roomed the Bronx streets, having deep conversations of the struggles of a pre-teen. Fast forward two sisters find time in their busy schedules to discuss business.

I’m talking billionaire conversations, it’s a mindset you know. It’s not on the statement but it’s loading, one things for sure two brilliant minds will soon manifest generational wealth, billions and businesses that will exceed past their expectations. A sisterhood that cannot be broken, a partnership that will thrive and tons of memories that make for good stories. Two October babies with big dreams who ain’t afraid to go after them, the time is coming to showcase what took years to master.

This is generational family ties, love her like my mothers child kind of vibe, my sister for life as in till the day I die. It’s a wonderful feeling when two good friends can be in business together, feeding off of each other’s intelligence and bringing a lot more to the table. Discussing business plans and watching them unfold, celebrating milestones and hitting goals. Them billionaire talks with my sister is a MUST! Remember her name Sasha’Lee, you’ll think back to day 22 of 365 when you see our dreams coming to life.

Until day 33.

Be prepared for Big Billionaire Business moves to come.

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