It wasn’t his looks for me, it was his drive. The unapologetic greatness that his aura projects. That’s why he was my favorite player.

In the mist of closing in on perfecting myself, a legend and his princess was called home. My heart is aching in more ways than one. Realizing your favorite NBA player has suddenly passed due to a malfunction, in one way or another, is unbearable but to learn one of his princesses had endured the crash with him cuts deeper. Knowing the pains of losing a father instantly takes over and I am overcome by sadness. “Not Kobe and his princess” I repeated.

In the custody of sadness I feel something special. I watch highlights of the goat to lift my spirit while my body mourns, trust that when the spirit is filled with inspiration by the greatest of all time you will channel those characteristics and live with his legacy near your heart. There are important qualities to be learned from Kobe Bryant, watch back and analyze everything from his persistence on the court to the effect he had on his team. That is where you’ll find similarities and learn that greatness is within you.

I feel the greatness cooking up, in the saddest of times I send my prayers to the Bryant family as well as the other passengers. Knowing the battles fatherless children deal with it hurts that much more to know he left behind not only family but three little princesses who will have to find ways to cope with these unbearable pains.


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