Too many to sort out, it’s a game of tug of war.

How can I master this? Life goes on right? How do I cope with this rage? Can the good overpower the bad? Where do I channel this energy?

Daily struggles of making myself proud, I wonder if my dad is smiling down on me. I have this talent I am anxious to showcase, will they understand? Can they relate? “Be transparent and find out” I tell myself.

If I lose the fear of facing my demons I can help heal millions. There’s a lot to unpack in this story, using creativity I know I’ll meet success face to face. It’s the battle of emotions that put me at a stand still.

I look in the mirror and remind myself “ I am BOLD in all that I do, I am BEAUTIFUL in every way, I am BRILLIANT in all things colored and social, I am BRAVE with prayer in my heart, I AM BECAUSE I BELIEVE, I am BECOMING a BETTER me !”

That’s all the confirmation I need to go harder, use the struggle to my advantage verses falling deeper into it. Use the emotional pain to drive me to new heights. Lastly use my creative way of expression to bring it all together.

Too many to sort out, it’s a game of tug of war.

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