The death of a legend still takes over my emotions. Do I honor him and put all my energy into perfecting my craft or continue working a job just to get by?

One thing I learned from the great is dedication, at all costs. No matter how hard or challenging, if it’s being done from a place of passion it’s all worth it. My passion is to write and create, giving people a story through the lends of a fatherless child. I know I’m much more but the murder of my father is what made me who I am, that empty void built me up through anger I found my purpose. Knowing others deal with these battles daily woke me up, turn your pain into positivity finding ways to cope with the loss. Give back because your heart is pure and speak up for those who are voiceless.

2006 being enrolled in the V.I.P program at Jordan L. Mott 22 junior high school was the first realization that I really am the voice for those who struggle. Having the ability to read others and the lack of tolerance for bullying or disturbance made it easy for me to step in and show everyone that my Voice Is Power.

Fast forward to 2011 I was able to join Senior Institute in Facing History a school within Park West. Having the ability to goto school and intern at a place that helped polish my play writing skills prepared me for the real world. It was our responsibility to lead by example, that was always my strength so let’s just say it was a breeze. The passion I withheld in high school was unmatched, still struggling with anger I put my pain into my art projects and papers. This is where DRAP was born, brainstorms began, I had something to look forward to and call my own.

Now where here in 2020 and I am stuck between adulting and living out my dreams. How do I manage and pay bills working a job that is not my Dream career? Do I just quit and take the chance? Will I be able to manage? What am I to do?

I will lead by my idols work ethic. There’s a hand full of people I look up to who all work day in, day out to reach their goals. I will set myself up to fully focus on my dreams. I will make it happen no matter the cost. I will show the world why God hand picked me to be the vessel for us Fatherless children and the other talents I’ve been blessed with. Mark my words, I have this mapped out and I will prosper or die trying.

Death has a crazy way of waking people up. Kobe Bryant’s death is one that hit to the core and I promised myself to implement his persistency, dedication and drive into my daily life.

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