It takes roughly 21 day to create a habit, you make it to day 30, keep it going.

You say you want success well how bad do you want it? Are you willing to be placed in an uncomfortable position for a short time to achieve success? Can you handle unfamiliar territory?

Only you can make the decision to overcome bad habits while creating good ones. I can tell you how to get it done, because I’ve went through the process myself. This is a battle with thy self, only I am capable of overcoming. Times ticking, get in tune with your vision, break it down to the T, attack it with grace and watch the turn around be worth it. Not to say times won’t get hard and those emotions won’t creep up again, this time you’ll have more of a positive outlook on your vision, it’ll be in arms reach so those emotions now fuel you with determination verses pain. The choice is all up to you, always remember this “dream reach achieve prosper”, that’s my motto derived from pain. I no longer feel anger when I think of the absence of my father, I am driven by this negative situation I turned positive with a few uplifting words.

How will you overcome? How will you cope? What does it take for you to be happy? When will you realize it’s all up to you? Do you know that you have the power?

It takes roughly 21 day to create a habit, you make it to day 30, keep it going.

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