I seen a post today:

I felt that on a spiritual level because I’ve been playing with my time. Losing a legend this past week has be a huge wake up call for me.

It’s resolution time.

New month new goals to meet. I said I have something special for you all and I promise I do. To be honest I’ve be slacking on my foot work. I’ve been too comfortable planning that I’m not living it. A beast has awoken within me and its potent.

Watching this tribute is like watching the ball drop. It’s up to us to take what he left behind and run with it. They say learn history so it won’t repeat its self but his dedication, persistence and grace is to be received and transmitted into more greatness. The universe is working and we’re here to serve a purpose like the Mamba himself I vow to make every second worth it.

From a place of passion really changes the perception of hard work. My passion is creation, free to express myself and finally be heard. I’m working to unlock this steel layer off of others like me, who feel the aching pains of being fatherless. Even still this year is mine, I feel it manifesting, I’m ready to meet fate.

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