I give thanks to God, my Father and idols. Bigs up to my sister circle for being a group of survivors.

As I soak up the preparation, lather myself in confidence and grace Black History month with my excellence my aura shines bright. Glowing like the sun rays on a hot summer day, pep talks with myself because I deserve what’s next. I realize that I had the sauce all along, I am ME and nobody can change that so head up, shoulders back let me show them my strut as I walk proud of what I have to come. Sometimes I misjudge the actual support I’m receiving, it feels like it’s missing but they’re just waiting on more. More from me that they know I withhold, they want to see me flourish and unlock doors. I feel it now more than ever, the manifestations’ kicking in and I’m filled with joy because my time is near.

For those who don’t feel me it’s because I’m not loud enough. I’m not in they face with it, I’m not wild enough. By wild I mean my passion, I’m holding it in too long. Time for me to go out there and get it, what’s taking so long? I’m ready to shine bright for all of the world to see, God sent me here for a purpose and besides him, the only person who know it is ME. Using my idols as a point of reference, to sit at their table my work ethic has to match up, I don’t ever want to be unprepared to exchange an experience so magical with an idol. My aura and spirit combined backed by my passion will help lift the souls of many so I cannot slack. My father you live through me and I plan to be a great host. I am here to lead your legacy and do it with grace, I live with you in my heart which keeps me grounded up to the heavenly gates. You’re baby girl is ready to show the world, NOW what a beautiful glowing soul has in store.

Dear sister circle, you have come along. We’ve grown close over the years and I must say “cheers to us” because we’ve made it this far. Today we reached a level of unity that I never imagined, connected by friendship we got something classic. Our group chat today was enlightening and I can’t wait to watch us blossom, into multi-billionaires of course, with a mamba mindset because we all have passion and meet obstacles but with a group like ours, it’s nothing for us to succeed. Beyond anything we could have ever dreamed, I can see it now getting closer, just lock in a focus on your goals, you’ll know I’m here channeling all the support you need.

I give thanks to God, my Father and idols. Bigs up to my sister circle for being a group of survivors.

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