How are you spending yours?

Laundry first thing in the morning, trips to BJs with momma love, it’s wash day so my fellow 4C queens know what that mean. A long process of getting it right, that new growth kicked in I’m going for a bun now. The shrinkage is real so I have to blow it out. Checks the clock 6 o’clock is near. This hair process started a little after 1pm, where has the time gone?

Now my hair’s wrapped I need it to be laid because I didn’t have no edge control so back to my childhood, JAM to save the day. I’m not actually a football person but hey I’m here for the ride. As I work on some lesson plans why not tune in one time.

Seafood, football and lesson plans don’t sound too bad after all. I could use a historical movie for the love of Black History Month but I’m here to see what the hypes about, maybe I’ll appreciate the game more, in hopes to understand it all. Honestly I’m here for the half time show but it’s super bowl Sunday so let me lock in.

Just like that, that national anthem, let me get my snacks and laptop, it’s time to tune it. Super Bowl 54, how are you spending yours?

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