I feel the wind up under my feet, guiding my along the way. I feel success brewing within me, as I prepare for this launch. Not sure if many will take to it or even give it a look, all I know is I’m ready to provide for those who need me. I am no longer afraid to be shot down or overlooked, one things for sure, I have the formula, two things for certain, they will regret it in the long run.

I brainstorm more than I work because I want to weigh out all the possibilities. I need to make sure I know the program inside and out, flaws and all. It’s game time now, I am taking the steps needed to prosper, I promise you this will be a marker in this world. I have big dreams so nothing will be done on a small scale, I’m here to stay and what I have to offer is worth the wait.

These pep talks with myself always do the trick, when my emotions take a twist. I feel at ease when I check myself because its up to ME to overcome any obstacles thrown my way, I tell myself “Im here to stay!” “He chose me!” “You are the GOAT”. Im prepping myself up for when the support overflows.

I feel the atmosphere changing around me and my aura becoming aligned. I know my time is near that’s why preparation will help me persevere. The beast is coming out of hibernation and Im excited for the ride, maybe its the super bowl half time but “LETS GET LOUD!”.

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