Hard work or hand outs?

Which one you prefer?

I like my hard work handed to me, whatever I apply I want to see the reward. I’ve never been a girl who takes credit for things I haven’t done. I like to see my work unfold, than I’ll accept what’s to come. I rather beat down the pavement and rebuild it up alone than to have my road cleared of all things god sent me to learn. Of course it would be nice to have a clear path but there’s something special about the struggle, it makes you hunger for more. You crave success because the struggle doesn’t fulfill your appetite. You are humbled by your process because there were times where you didn’t think it’ll fall through. I’m here to let you know the struggle is apart of your story on this road to success, only you know the lessons you’re up against, it’s your job to analyze and complete them to be that much closer to your Success.

Hard work or hand outs?

Which one you prefer?

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