Here’s my theory: God is removing those who bring a specific kind of fire to the planet Earth.

We question it because those who we expect to live long tend to depart quicker than we can grasp. The world is in shambles but think back to your history class days. Beyond unity, our people had substance. Coming together in times of dyer need, we’ve been segregated on our own accord not at the force of those who deem themselves superior. It takes death of some amazing souls to straighten us out. Not as a whole but some of us understand that unity is key at this time. Missed an impeachment at the hands of hatred, they hate us so much they come together to assure that their god is protected and that their views stay in place.

They aim to degrade our people who’ve worked tirelessly to assure WE are seen as humans, as equals. We are still segregated in our cities making it easier for them to target and execute. I know that history repeats itself, it’s our job to learn it and revamp our historians views and our activists actions. It’s more we can do that’s not being met. I understand God is working on something bigger than this universe, that’s the only answer I have to our fallen kin folk. They are meant to leave a mark on us as people to think bigger, move smarter and fulfill our purpose here on earth.

Watch a historical movie, pick up a text book, learn history so you’re ahead of the repetition. Understand that our history has be contaminated, degraded and swept under the rug; there’s historians and authors who made it their duty to shed a light on THE REAL of our history. Find it and analyze it, see how our ancestors overcame years of enslavement, decades of dehumanization and an eternity of undeniable cultural flavor. Later this year we have a huge task to complete, meet me day 42 for the break down.

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