We are a few months away from Election Day. This being the most important day of our generation, remember history tends to repeat itself and I’m not here to allow any of the hardship our ancestors went through to go out in vain.

We missed the impeachment of this disgusting being, one who rather tear families apart and take from the poor. A delusional brat that rather let his fingers get the typing over actually doing a presidents job. We’re a long way from European domination over the United States, why must this individual act this way?

Let me break this down for you, there are a ton of questions left unanswered all we can do is play our part. Read up on politics, it needs our attention more than ever. Study past behavior and solutions from our people. Gather friends to have debates, its healthy for the process. Watch some historic movies and I bet you’ll find some similarities. Do all it may take to get familiar with politics, pay attention to all the candidates and their focal points. Most importantly, don’t let a job, sickness or anything else stop you from making it to the booth on day 307. Our votes count, drag everyone you know out, it’s our duty to make this right because clearly he has help over seas and we need to be in front of the curve this time. We need the Democrats to come out on top.

I’m getting back to myself slowly, I’m adjusting as well. To know me is to know that I have no problem speaking out on anything I’m passionate about. As the days go by and I get more in tune with ME, I promise you’ll get the best of the WRITER in me.

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