I was as stubborn as they come, I didn’t take the good adult advice. Now I’m grown wondering how did I get here.

My health is at 50%, I don’t read much and I’m way too focused on the things I cannot control. If I would of just took some adult advice, but it’s a trip when you learn the hard way, I must admit. They called me candy girl and meant it, there wasn’t a day I didn’t have snacks in class, I ate sweets more than I ate food. Still to this day I struggle to correct my consumption intake. I never understood “you have to read to get better at reading” excuse me what? I hated reading unless it was some juicy urban fiction that I could relate to. Now I’m 25 trying to get it all together, buying books left and right hoping I find the time to complete them. Looking up healthy food transitions because I feel sluggish. Sometimes advice is meant to be taken, if I would of just listened I wouldn’t be trying to pick up the pieces today.

Health and education is far more important than we think. Each plays off of one another to create a strong source, a healthy body is one that’ll be receptive to new course material, don’t end up like me, working to figure out where all the sluggish ways come from. Get ahead of your future and take some adult advice, it may put you ahead of some repairing down the line.

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