A creative body of work has inspired me. In the mist of figuring life out and getting back to myself it took an album to whip me back into shape.

Fun Fact: I’ve always been musically inclined. Music is my safe place, it has been my therapist amongst other things. From Eminem to Beyoncé to Justin Timberlake to Nickleback to Drake, I’ve overcome obstacles with their help. It’s something different about seeing someone from around your way POP! From “stepping over puddles full of pain” to “if you try stealing my heart it’s already gone”. The evolution of his career has sparked a hope in me for our future, the youth. Utilizing creativity to overcome environmental influences, the core of this movement here. This is a sign to keep going, the storm will pass and everything you’ve worked tirelessly for will come to you.

My creative ear is tuned up now. The gears spinning, it’s time to get to work !

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