Top of the top Crowned Panthers, its nothing like the middle of the week, still close to Monday but closer to the weekend. I guess it’s all about perspective.

This the last Wednesday’s of OUR MONTH, though we deserve much more. The launch date is near, I cannot wait to change lives on a larger scale. It’s so much to do in a short time, I work better under pressure though so you’re in for a treat.

I do this for other fatherless children, for those who struggle with being understood, for the little girl who can’t help but be blunt and outspoken, for the little boy with hoop dreams that have to maneuver through environmental changes, for the adult who still finds it hard to deal with trauma. I do this for US, I know I haven’t been loud and excessive about this, but I’m here now and I’m ready to show out. Come Saturday it’s all GAS no breaks, launch after launch, lesson after lesson; are you ready for The DRAP Experience?!

Always remember Dream, Reach, Achieve, Prosper. That’s the motto we live by.

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